Aiming to transform a generation’s thinking about mental health

Harry Kane Foundation

Harry Kane Foundation (HKF) launched on World Mental Health Day in October 2022 with a long-term goal of transforming a generation’s thinking about mental health.

Spearheaded by Harry Kane MBE, the purpose of HKF is to:

  • Normalise conversations on mental health and tackle stigma.
  • Promote positive habits that build resilience and psychological fitness.
  • Provide practical through education and support services that exist but need to be more widely available.

HKF works with brands, charities, experts and strategic partners to leverage Harry’s profile, platforms, and networks to inspire, educate, and empower audiences of all ages across the globe.

HKF proudly supports UK charities Bounce Forward and Shout, who each specialise in supporting the mental health of their beneficiaries.

In addition to working with specific mental organisations, HKF continues Harry’s long-term support to the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK, Haven House Children’s Hospice and The Tommy Club to champion their work connected to health and well-being.

“I’m delighted to be on this journey working with experts and organisations to learn more about mental health and use my position to help others be their best, not be afraid to ask for help. Ultimately we are working towards helping transform a generations’ thinking about mental health. I’m proud of what we’ve achieved to date and excited about projects coming soon.”

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